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Art for your home!
All paintings are unique works and some of them still for sale. Ask if You are interested. Delivery methods can be found on the "Artist" page.

Painting of a samurai woman
Painting of a samurai woman, painting of a warrior woman, painting of decision
detail of a painting of samurai woman
Maalaus samurainaisesta, maalauksen nimi "Päätös" painting of a samurai woman, detail
Painting of a Japanese warrior woman, samurainainen
Painting in livingroom, painting of a samuraiwoman, maalaus olohuoneessa, maalaus samurainaisesta
Woman in the spa painting In the Spa painting
Painting of a Woman in Harbour, Nainen satamassa öljyvärimaalaus
Paintings of pets, painting of a dog
Painting of a japanese woman maalaus japanilaisesta naisesta, maalauksen nimi "kieltäytyminen"
Painting of a womans back painting of a woman looking to the window
Fear Acrylic painting
woman painting artwork
Metsälammä painting artwork painting of a woman
Portrait of Salvador Dali

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